View from Jane's Lounge

Whilst Geoff was in Belgium, I decided to visit my mate Jane, we were worried about the fog as flights had been cancelled all day, but fortunately I got away on time. John and Jane met me, and we headed home for a bottle of champagne, and dinner, how the rich live!!

Next morning up early, and a walk around the reservoir, not Jane’s favourite pastime, but it was lovely, missed the dogs though. We then went to lunch with Helen, at one of the posh Hotels where they were offering 50% discount, the food was lovely, although service could have been better! Next day it rained, and we had arranged to meet Carolyn for another meal, we had sea-bass and squid, it was lovely, cooked really lovely, thank you both for treating me.

Sunday we went for a lovely circular coastal walk,

Jane at Grosnez Castle

which was lovely, it was a beautiful sunny day, with fantastic views, we could see France, Guernsey, Sark, and many more Islands. We made our way back, as we were meeting

Nanny Jane with Mason

John, Chloe and Paige and the new baby Mason, he was so tiny, he was only two weeks old. Then Helen came over, and we enjoyed a roast duck dinner, with all the trimmings, plus another bottle of champagne, we then played canasta, a lovely day.

Sadly it was Monday morning, and I had a flight to catch, we were up early, no fog today, we left on time, and on arrival Geoff was waiting with a big smile on his face, to welcome me back.

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