It’s an ill wind…..

We are off to Italy today, how exciting is that, we have packed everything away, and had such a wonderful time here, we have enjoyed most places, but for me this is the winner so far. As we were leaving Geoff said we have a slow puncture, and as we are doing the Mont Blanc tunnel, a bit risky to go through, so we tried to find a garage, which we did, they could not speak English, Geoff managed to make him understand, but he could not change the wheel, so he called a breakdown truck, we had a cup of tea whilst waiting, and found the spare wheel, and when the man arrived we were waiting for him.  After a very short time, everything completed, we followed the guy to the garage to get tyre fixed.  Sadly it was not the tyre, but the wheel had a whole in it, so we have to wait for a replacement, cannot really travel so many miles without a spare wheel.

Rosie enjoying the view

We decided to find another site, which the garage recommended, and when we arrived we had another wow! moment, it is another Aries, but it has electricity, wifi, very clean and tidy, and a fantastic view of Mont Blanc, only takes 20 vans.

We sorted ourselves out, then took the dogs for a walk, at the

River Mont Blanc

end of the path, we found a river, which takes the water from Mont Blanc, we climbed down, to the river’s bottom, it is very low at present, but it is running really fast.  Sooty

Mont Blanc

and Bella were off again, running in and out of the river, and Sooty was picking up the stones, Geoff paddled his feet, so I did too, very cold though, another lovely place to come to.

Sooty enjoying the river

Lovely afternoon, only three vans here, so very peaceful, and we have television for the first time in ages, so we have been catching up with the Olympics.

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  1. Martin says:

    Great pictures of the two kids in the river!

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