Wednesday 12th

Christine was lulled to sleep very quickly last night, I unfortunately wasn’t, and to make it a really bad night, my breathing machine wouldn’t work.   After playing with it, and checking other things plugged in I realised it wasn’t my machine but the power circuit.   Unfortunately by this time Ollie and Annica were well and truly asleep so I had to struggle through the night causing mayhem for Christine as without my machine I snore for the whole of the U.K.!  The annoying thing is I have a special battery I normally take with me if we go sailing to avoid such occasions, but not knowing anything about this treat, it was at home!   After much apologising it turned out to be an odd occurrence, Skipper Ollie was aware of my need and rather than run the generator, he switched the big fridge off, not realising that for some inexplicable reason this also switched off the power circuit.   Fortunately we are both aware of boat electrics, they seem to have a mind of their own!!!


We lifted the anchor mid morning and headed out to sea, the skipper put out all the sail, tweaked them and we wizzed along at 11.5 Knots at a nice 45-degree angle, right up our street and a exhilarating experience to travel under sail at that speed.   We then turned and headed the back of Ibiza, unfortunately the wind didn’t favour us so our speed wasn’t so fast, never mind there’s always tomorrow.   

Anneca at the helm

Skipper found us a nice quiet bay, out of the wind and swell for lunch where “chef” prepared a vegetarian lunch that I must say it was amazing washed down by a long Caribbean punch mixture, again very nice, one for my bar!!   After a little discussion about going for a swim, we lifted anchor and departed.  

Geoff relaxing

We carried on with our circumnavigation of Ibiza but had a destination in mind.  We said to Ollie and Annica we would like to take them out to dinner and show our appreciation for everything they have done for us.  Ollie searched online for somewhere along our route and found a beach restaurant, in a bay where we could anchor and we could book a table, so far so good.

Eventually we arrived into Sant Joan De Labritja, the bay we want to drop the anchor but with the wind blowing in the wrong direction, the swell not looking too good our thoughts were slowly being dashed, still we could see several other yachts moored near the beach so came in to check.  

The boathouse

Once into the bay, everything calmed down and we dropped anchor and after showering etc., we boarded the dingy and headed to the beach, fortunately and by pure chance I had thrown a pair of flip-flops into my case before leaving home and as we disembarked the dingy on the beach, we had to paddle.  Christine who had organised this trip, hadn’t brought hers!!!!!!

The restaurant, “The Boat House” was very busy, so good job we’d booked.  The decor was very rustic and the place was heaving which is always a good sign.  We studied the “interesting” menu which had North African influences as well as Spanish favourites whilst enjoying unusual cocktails.

Geoff and Olly shared this paella

After 3-hours of excellent food of gigantic proportions, a couple of bottles etc., we headed back to the boat in pitch darkness which naturally re-kindled our memories of times-past.  Our skipper navigated his way straight to “Elton”, and virtually the moment we got back on board, we all said good night and headed to bed, knackered, which was just as well as near to us was a super (Gin Palace) Yacht full of revellers who partied well into the wee hours.  From what we could see there was no social distancing or limited numbers; lockdown rules, what lockdown rules????

Fantastic place good choice Olly
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