How time flies!

Mickey and Rickey

We have been here over a week already, where does the time go to.  We had a fantastic bbq with Mickey and Rickey, I think they thought we needed feeding up, we seemed to be eating all night, then Geoff found out that Mickey likes Whiskey, so next time we meet up (If there is any left!) they are going to have a tasting evening.  Apparently Mickey had a head ache the next

Lo Monte Swimming Pool

day, serves him right!

The next day we were invited to Pat and Vince’s for another lunch, which was also very good, no wonder our weight is going up instead of down. Vince was cooking for ages, and we had lots of different things, Jo and John were also there, a good afternoon was had by all.

We then went to boules with Vince, and met up with more friends, then down the pub for a social drink, not too many as we are on Pinky and Perky.

Geoff went to crib on Thursday, which he enjoyed, whilst I took the dogs to the vet’s for their annual injections, thankfully Pat took me in her car, otherwise it would have been a long walk, cannot see them getting on the scooters somehow.

Herbert and Liz arrived in the evening, Geoff went to help them with their cases, whilst I

Lots of grass and trees around Rosie

prepared supper, we had a lovely evening, a bottle of champagne to welcome them, and a few wines. Oh dear weigh day tomorrow.

Pat and Vince had kindly delivered a load of our stuff which we do not need to our house, as we did not buy a boat, so we met our tenants, and loaded more stuff in our storage room, it was funny going back, and seeing other people living their, still everything looked ok. Rosie should be a lot lighter now.

Geoff using the Spa's

Saturday we called at a motorbike garage, to try and sort Geoff’s bike out, apparently there are no Agents in Spain for his make, but we have found a man who can service it for us, he also sorted the wobble out, by putting air in the tyre!! The afternoon was spent on jobs, Geoff building the bbq, putting

Building the Bbq

coat hooks up,  and me washing and ironing, we know how to live. Most days we have been in the pool swimming and using the spa, fantastic, we managed to negotiate a cheaper rate, so we have a premier site for 10 Euros a day, quite a bargain.


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3 Responses to How time flies!

  1. Jane Steele says:

    Like the hat Geoff that you were wearing in the spa! Jx

  2. Martin says:

    Its the clear blue skies in the pictures that are making me envious “he said shivering at 8.5 degrees approaching the longest day.

  3. Christine says:

    We know where there is a very nice villa for sell, if you want we can arrange a viewing!!

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