Goodbye Venice

Registrar booked, Hotel booked, just need to do invites now, we are, all being well, getting Married on the 7th April 2013 at 4pm, we are so lucky, with Andrew giving us the venue etc., we are both getting so excited.

Having spent a lot of time on internet, we are leaving the camp site near Venice  tomorrow, and heading for the Farari Museum, needless to say Geoff is going on his own!

We have had a lovely time here, especially in Venice, and now looking forward to seeing Piza, we will probably not be on internet for some days, but we will be back.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Venice

  1. Jane Steele says:

    Maybe see you sooner than later? x

  2. Christine says:

    Hopefully, let me know when you are doing the trip to Pisa and hopefully we will have a quick hello. x

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