Good Bye

Everything is in a mess on Rosie, the fridge smells, everything needs a good clean. I changed the sheets, had a good clean up, then went up to Pat’s and did  the same, striped the bed we were sleeping in, washed ironed and put back on bed, cleaned the kitchen up, left everything how I found it. Pat has gone away for a few days, and had kindly let us stay there, Geoff went to crib.

Lunch time we had arranged to meet Herbert and Liz as they are leaving today, we had another Chinese meal, and they left to catch the flight.  Thank you both so very much for all your help, and use of your car, hopefully next time, we will be at home, and things will be more relaxing!!

Friday my bike was booked in for some remedial work, as there is a noise that shouldn’t be there, when we arrived, they were so busy, we have arranged to come back another day, so back home for relax day, I feel exhausted, sore throat, and ache, so not doing much.

We were supposed to have left for Italy yesterday, but have run out of time, so now Jane is coming to Spain on Wednesday, can’t wait to see her.

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4 Responses to Good Bye

  1. Jane Steele says:

    Can’t wait to see you both too!

    Just make sure that the weather stays nice x

  2. Christine says:

    45 degrees today, air conditioning working well, pool lovely and warm, what else could you wish for? x

  3. Douglas says:

    “problems pile up day by day, debts & taxes so it goes, now I’m getting a cold in the nose Life gets tedious don’t it!!” (something like that)

    I’m amazed at your cheerfulness in surmounting various problems, I would’nt have survived any of them.It will make a good book one day. Now sail on into calmer waters and try to avoid any more snakes. LoL D&Jxx

  4. Christine says:

    We will, we are enjoying the sunshine at present, and will be moving on

    Friday 13th, is this a good idea, I ask myself. Cxx

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