Day at sea 26/2/2014

We woke to calmer seas, I cheated last night and took a sleeping tablet, although I did not feel sick, the waves were very bad, and it was difficult to walk around!
We had a late breakfast in the café on top deck, it was very busy, scrambled eggs and salmon today, it was delicious, then we went to the coffee bar and relaxed, Geoff having an Irish coffee, I just stuck to my normal tea, the sun is shinning, and hopefully as we travel north again, it will get warmer.
We then went for a talk with dirk Younkerman, Peter Wasilewski and Mickey Live with question and answers on Antarctica, very interesting! although some of it I did not understand! We were told that we were very lucky with the weather, as the last cruise, were unable to see much, and I have to admit, it was very surreal, glad we came, despite the seas yesterday.
Off to lunch, which I was determined not to eat as much, I had pizza and salad, not sure what Geoff had, but glad I cut back. After lunch we went to top deck, where the ships crew took on the guests, it was very funny, with various different games, which we will be playing back in Spain, so beware! The crew won, although we did beat them at some games.
3pm down to the theatre for a matinee, this was excellent, they started with a guitar player Nestor Santurio, he can almost make his guitar sing, fantastic, then Paul Ricky from the Celebrity Stars sang various numbers, the show was excellent and backed by the resident orchestra.
We then went down to see the future cruise programs, but nothing really appealed, we will wait and see how funds are to see what we do next.
A quick change for dinner, then onto the show, tonight they had Argentina dancers! they did the tango which was amazing! also they showed their skills with their bolas they were amazing! how they didn’t get hurt I am not sure! they also took a cigarette out of one of the audiences mouth! that would have been scary! The shows have all been brilliant, they certainly have some good talent on board.
Onto dinner, where we stuffed ourselves once again, we had a laugh with our fellow Luxembourg guests, the meals are always good, and certainly some good choices, think we will be slimming for the next year…..
Off to bed, good night…

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