Chinchon to Oviedo

43fa43e9-0afe-4a9c-b0ad-59e43a540a4dHad a lovely breakfast before leaving, had 77a0ba3a-412a-4c9e-9091-3bb2ae7c02c5one last look round the hotel, it certainly is a beautiful place, and very peaceful. Really enjoyed our c72a4690-5a6e-4884-beac-8e955c8b62dbstay here.
Car loaded and off we go to Oviedo, we past Madrid and it started snowing, we couldn’t believe it, 844f6df4-71c3-4ab3-b8d5-5c1228578281the cars were covered, we were travelling off motorways, as we were going through such a pretty area, but it c4f2c52f-bd8c-4cbf-9023-fd056739d3a6was in the mountains, so we decided to back track get on the motorway, to avoid any problems, and we were glad we did. Arrived about 5pm cold but safe.dcb4c75d-43e9-43cf-b7e2-8f69b48353be
Nice hotel in centre of Oviedo minutes walk from old part, so location good.
Unpacked, went for a walk around the old town, found a restaurant had dinner, then back to hotel to warm up.

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