La Charente near where we parked

Thursday 17th  Having talked Geoff into moving last night, we are now in Cellefrouin, I thought Cognac was lovely, and we were parked 50 yards away from the River Charente, where the dogs could walk very happily, but we were parked in a car park!  we were certainly restricted in what we could do.

Lovely walk in Cognac

We are in a little rural village only four miles from Catriona, but rather than turn up late at night, we stayed here, it is lovely you can open the doors, and the dogs can just wander, the river Charente still meanders at the end of

Cellefrouin Aries

the Aires, it is very pretty here.

We had lunch, took the dogs for a long walk, then made our way to Catriona and Mike’s, we arrived to a fantastic welcome, with Tobyn and Max, excited about seeing the dogs. First stop a lovely cuppa, we were talking like mad for the next few hours, we had a lovely dinner, with a few drinks.

Catriona was a star, we immediately started catching up with the washing, we did three loads before we went to bed, tomorrow is another day!! Ironing uck!!!

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  1. Jane Steele says:

    Hope your pride is not too dented Chris what with coming off the bike…glad to learn that you only have a few scratches. Extremely jealous of you having oysters – not to mention brandy, baguettes and croissants – perhaps I should change my flight and go into France instead of Italy? Mind you, pizza as I remember it when I went in 1967 was something else – a bit like when you are a child and everything is huger than you recall? LOL Jx

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