Catch up day

Today we have to return one of the cars, I needed to get my nails redone, and we all had to have our hair cuts, except Mike, and he had to buy a new shaver so off we went.

The nail bar and the hairdressers were inside Wallmark, and the system was as you arrived at hairdressers, you put your name down, and they called you when ready, it was very efficient, in fact I didn’t get my name down in the hairdressers. They have three staff all cutting away, it was very friendly and busy. The nail bar was a tiny place, run by Chinese, I think they had seven staff, they had three massage chairs, with people having pedicures, three having manicures, and people waiting. It was such a friendly place, I really enjoyed it.

We left the Mall, and came back home, where we did nothing, it has been a really lovely restful day. Geoff, Jan and Mike popped out to go to Dunkin Donuts, as Jan had never been there, they returned with 12 donuts, of various varieties. We will never lose weight.
We swam in the pool, ate our donuts, and then played our normal sequence.

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