Calcott Locks – Warwick

Wednesday 26th October 2016

We started at Calcutt Locks, just three in the group, and very easy, we passed a big Marina, we think Diane and David are moored in, waiting for their friends before they carry on, wonder what time they got here. We travelled onto Stockton Locks, this is a group of ten locks, we haven’t seen one boat travelling our way, we then went into a double lock, haven’t done one of these before, but we managed it quite easily, especially as someone was coming up, so we didn’t have to close the gates. Two more locks, and we met up with three lads, who we shared these locks with. We then did Fosse locks four in this group. We were in Royal Leamington Spa, and I wanted to stop, as I was getting very tired, but Geoff wanted to carry on, so guess what we did! We travelled on and on, now we are in Warwick two more locks, I was really fed up at this point, so we stopped on the canal, I was in agony, and not a happy bunny. We will not be doing another day of 23 locks on our own!

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