Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Up early again, this time no trips booked, we are just going ashore, we were so disappointed with the trips in San Juan, we cancelled the trip and decided to do our own thing.

We took breakfast in Horizon, and then decided to wait in lounge for disembarkment, we were number 500 and something, and they were only calling 100, oh dear it’s going to be a long wait. Then they called 100 – 200 and the people next to us decided they would not go, but get a later tender, and they gave us their. ticket, we were there boarding immediately, and so grateful to them, apparently Mike and Jan didn’t get off until midday!


Lovely atmosphere though, and we talked to some of the locals, we found the recommended lobster restaurant, and Geoff peri used the menu, yes we might come back here. We carried on walking, and eventually came to the beach we both needed the love, well we had to pay a dollar for the privilege, mine was so tiny, I couldn’t sit down without hitting my knees on the door, so funny, but necessary.
We then went onto the beach, I was desperate to swim in the Pacific, cos I had done Caribbean etc., and I had finally done it!

Then Geoff reminded me that I had swam in the Galapagos, anyway we both enjoyed it, that’s Geoff’s feet sticking up in the water!
We then caught the water taxi back to the marina, where we went back to the lobster restaurant, and what a fabulous meal we had, the lobsters were still alive in an aquarium! I had fish stuffed with shrimp, and lobster in a cheese sauce, very good.

Finally we made our way back to the ship, where we had a very quiet night, we were tired, and very full, but very relaxed.


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