Business to attend to!

Sunday 18th February 2024

A day of doing nothing, no alcohol, just enjoying the sunshine, and being lazy.

Monday 19th February 2024

We had set an alarm this morning in case we overslept as we have to be in Campoverde today, a two hour drive.  We have set ourselves a number of tasks to achieve before meeting up with friends for lunch.

A quick breakfast and a short brisk walk for the dogs and we’re away, arriving in Campoverde in plenty of time to let TT & R have a good run-around the enclosed excellent dog exercising area provided by the local council, dog bags included!!!

Our first mission was the dentist for me and the Vets for Christine.  Rosie was having a checkup before being “spayed” next week.   The only reason for having her done here is simple, here it is about £300 less than our local vets in Somerset!!!

The dentist was waiting for me, it’s so good to be able to get into a dentist, albeit 2,000kms  away.  Mind you we have been using this dentist for the past 18-years!!!!   When I was “done”, I walked out and took over the dogs as Christine went in for her dental work.  I was now heading to my next mission; visit the optician, I need a new pair of glasses and I had my prescription with me, forward planning or what??

Sue, Helena, Roger and Geoff.

All our tasks went to plan and we headed off to a beach restaurant in El Mojon to meet Helena and Roger together with Sue and Frank.   Our arrival was spot-on, we arrived at the table at the precise time to be greeted by the gang who had only just sat down.

We had a very enjoyable lunch near the beach, in shirt sleeves enjoying the winter sun, 24-degrees😂😂😂😂.  

Frank and I enjoying the sunshine

On leaving the restaurant we made a “nostalgic” visit to the local Mercadona supermarket for food before setting off on our 2-hr return journey; we also took the opportunity to do a fleeting visit to Mary’s for a quick cuppa; see you again next week Mary.  

Now on our way and we were very happy as we had achieved everything we set out to do and more importantly my toothache has gone!!!

Back at the villa we had a snack and settled down to watch something.   We flicked through the menu and by chance came across a quite extraordinary four-part TV series (2021) on Netflix called “You Don’t Know Me”; it was a slow burner but we got engrossed so “binge-watched” the 4 x 1-hour episodes.  It’s about a court case but the background story is the main event, with a twist of course; I’ll say no more!!!

We are both knackered so immediately headed to bed, we have two clear days before heading off again.

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