Saturday 5th November 2016

Had a lay in today, didn’t wake up very early either, but the weather has turned really cold, so we dressed accordingly, a big bowl of porridge, before we walked into the town.

The day although cold, was a typical crisp Autumn day, we had our thermals on, so not too bad, but we noticed the postman and one other, walking around in shorts, must be mad!

First impressions what a lovely village, everyone very friendly, no big

Village church

Village church

shops, just the local butcher, baker, chemist etc., small co-op, where we managed to get some cash out, no ATM here! We bought some throat lozenges for me, then walked to the local Marina,
Swan hotel

Swan hotel

where we are hoping to stop.

We walked around, and spoke to Bill, who was very helpful, said we could stop, they can do the service, polish the boat, pump out, and fill with diesel, what else can we wish for. We have decided to stop as it is really cold now, and we feel with the shorter days, we would become disenchanted, also I am feeling as if I have a chill.

We walked back through the village to have coffee, this place was heaving too, they had home made cakes, full breakfast etc., we just had a slice of cake, which was very nice. Having found the bakery we wanted some fresh rolls, but they had sold out, so we bought a brown crusty loaf, asked them about Lardy cake, and they are going to make one for Geoff on Tuesday!

Back to the boat, we then moved it to the Wharf where we filled up with water, and settled in again. I heated some chicken and sweet corn soup, and had the fresh bread for lunch.

After lunch we tidied everything up, we struggled to get water to the boat, as we are some way off, but we sorted it, by pinching someone else’s connectors, that done we put extra protection on boat to stop the boat hitting the side, then had a lazy afternoon and evening.

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