Back to Chusclan

Chateau Cabriéres

The wind is still howling, and when I took the dogs out, it was bitterly cold; autumn is settling in, I love it here

Mouthwatering Grapes, they are very tasty!

though; we are in the middle of nowhere, with only vines and rolling hills, so peaceful.

Today we are going back to Chuslan, an Aries we came to earlier in the year, we can take the dogs to the river again, and hopefully just relax, Geoff wants to go to Chateauneuf Du Pape, to see the museum tomorrow, so we need to get the bike off.

We arrived at Chusclan to find it quite busy, I guess it is because it is the week-end, anyway we found a lovely spot, right in the corner, we can let the dogs straight out onto a vineyard.  We were all very comfortable, when a German came and parked almost on top of us, I was fuming, there is so much space here, we put the generator on, and we also let the dogs out, but that changed nothing.  In fact he proceeded to get his dog out, and his b….. Parrot, which squawked and screeched, worse than that he put his chair down, and commenced to stare at us…. I kept my cool, and we took the dogs to the river.

Sooty back at the Weir

Both Bella and Sooty have not forgotten their stone tricks, and although the water was colder, we had a paddle, and a lay on the river bank, a lovely afternoon was had.

We had treated ourselves to some steak, so tonight we thought we would try a bottle of wine with it, just to check that what we had bought was ok for the wedding.  Geoff made a good job of cooking the steaks on the barbeque, and the wine was superb, just hope everyone else enjoys it!  We finished the evening of with the last of our very posh cognac ‘Serenity’ that we had bought in Cognac.

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  1. Jane Steele says:

    Looking forward to trying the wine!!!!

  2. Christine says:

    It is red wine Jane, you don’t like red wine!!

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