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Up early thanks to Sooty waking us at 7am, we decided to get up, and get moving, we still had some jobs to do, before we could leave.  The mucky jobs, that girl’s do not do, like empty the looe, empty the waste water etc., whilst I was making ‘Rosie’ safe for the journey.

We left the site at 9am, and bought a fresh baguette to take with us for lunch, Geoff drove the first two hours, from the mountains, the roads were very small, lots of ‘S’ bends, and tunnels, very pretty, stopped for coffee, then I drove for the first time, I really enjoyed it, nearly 11 metres in length with the trailer, so you have to think what you are doing all the time, fortunately we were on the National route, so very civilised. We stopped for lunch, I asked Geoff what he had done with loaf, he said he had not moved it, I looked at Sooty and Bella and yes, they had eaten it, so even they think we need to lose weight!!

Geoff took over the driving, and we eventually arrived at Elche, to see if the Motor home shop was open, it wasn’t, and it is closed until Monday, so we decided to drive straight to Torré de la Horadada.

We arrived about 7pm, hot, stuffy, and tired, so Geoff decided to take me out for dinner, which was lovely, we walked down to Latino Square, where they had live music playing, had a lovely healthy dinner, with a not so healthy bottle of wine, we then walked back and went to bed.

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5 Responses to Back Home

  1. Rob Hoole says:

    Douglas is trying, are you receiving me? whats with all this Rob Hoole above

  2. Douglas says:

    Ah! thats better I’ve deleted him but do we have to put our details on every occasion?

  3. Christine says:

    Hi Rob and Doug,
    Once you are registered, details should come up automatically, thank you so much for trying!!

  4. Douglas says:

    Got it! this technology is truly fantastic our PC is one of the gas powered ones so it’s a little more difficult

    Greetings from Doug & Jill in this cold, wet, no sailing country of ours but good for the garden!

  5. Christine says:

    Well done Douglas, it is lovely and warm here, we will be swimming later, we will be posting some photos of the site later.
    Love Cx and Gx

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