ARC Europe – Wednesday 26th May 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

35⁰ 07.43 N 48⁰ 16.07 W

Nautical Miles traveled in last 24 hrs:- 143

Another quiet night though we did reef in the poled out Jib a little at 0300hrs as it looked as if the wind may just strengthen, but it didn’t, so when I came on at 0600hrs the first thing I did was let the jib right out again. Anam Cara can take 25 knot winds from the stern when poled out quite comfortably

Morning uneventfull other than pouring over the various weather reports we have received, one has to wonder how much “Hype” there is going on over the prospect of poor weather. A late breakfast of omletes became lunch and at midday today the ship’s clocks changed one hour forward.

Not having had to run the main engine for the past 24 hrs plus, we had to put the geneator on, hence the eggs for breakfast. I am pleased to say (with fingers crossed) it starts well, does its job of chargiing the batteries and provides power for th mains kettle, toaster etc as it should, good girl!

A lazy afternooncatching up with slep and running stillwith poled out Jib and staysail though the wind did veer so had to takein the staysail during this period. This was he first time we furled it in since we greased the roller bearing at the top of the foil, so it was fingers crossed it worked OK, I amk pleased to say it went inj as if new, thank goodness!

The afternoon film today was back to Boind in “The Man With The Golden Gun”;only “QB” today not “BBC” Pady wascooking Salmon burgers.

At 1830 hrs, we opened our bottle of Chilean Champers to celabrate and toast Anam Cara as we crossed the mid point, we are now nearer to the Azores than Bermuda, always a nice momentg in time, the half way mark.

The weather for tonight could be anybodies guess so have reefed the Jib, though kept it poled out and see what happens.

When I finished my watch at Midnight, we had had an un-eventfull night, see what happens during the rest of the night!

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