ARC Europe – Tuesday 1st June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

37⁰ 14.37 N 33⁰ 51.77 W

Nautical Miles traveled in last 24 hrs:- 125

A good night’s sailing: When I took over from Chris at 0600 hrs we were doing around 6 knots under the full jib and staysail with the main well furled. The wind was about 15 Knots and better still from the direction we wanted. So for the first time in a week we were actually sailing straight for the Azores, long may it continue. Around 0900 hrs Andrew popped his head up so we took the opportunity to pull out the main, 7 knots, at last we were cooking on “gas!”

I did the usual1200hrs UTC log at 1000hrs (boat time) quikly followed by the emergence of Paddy and Chris. We went through the weather report as usual and hoping that we can believe it what we read we have a clear run into Horta. So for lunch we had Pancakes made by Paddy followecd by bubble and Squeek, again made by Paddy following a quick lesson on how to make it a few days ago by Andresw; a quick learner is Paddy as er B & S were perfect. One for her to take back to the USof A when ever that is!

Siesta time for two of us followed by Bond in “A View To A Kill” then another consultation over the weather and what sails to set for the night as it has changed its velocity and direction though we are still managing 5 knots, The smart money seems to be that the wind will carry on veering and eventually passing into a North West wind. Sowepoled outboth the staysail and the Jib as we could run downwind and adjust a the wind veered round. If this appens we would go a little north of the rhuim line but as the wind ends up as a north westerly, we would be well placed to steer east south east and into Horta. So far yet so close!!!

Late this fternoon we saw amost amazing site. Firstly we noticed hundreds of sea type birds swarming over the sea around us, next we were surrounded by what looked like hundreds of dolphins they were everywhere, but what was amazing was how all these dolphins worked together and surrounmded schools of fish, sort of rounded them up so to speak so that they could all have their supper. The birds were then taking their opportunity to have their supper at the same time. How these dolphins knew what to doand how was amazing it was as if there was a head dolphin managing everything. We sailed into them and sailed through and out of them and they dkidn’t give a toss, they were to busy!

Paddy made a pasta dish for dinner which was both very nice and filling. Generator was going for a few hours this afternoon so batteries topped up for the night and as we settled into our nightly routine the stars were out and were sailiung along at 51/2 to 6 knots and the wind up our stern before midninght, where it will end up by the morningf is anybodies guess!.

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