ARC Europe – Thursday 3rd June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

38? 31.97 N 28? 37.49 W

Horta Marina, Faial

We crossed the finishing line at 0907hrs UTC but due to a severe drop in winds during the early hours of the morning, we had to cross the line using the engine!!!

Still got into the outer harbour and waited instructions as to wher to berth. It was like Picadilly Corner, boats flying about everywhere,anyway we were instructed to move into the inner Marina,set fenderson Port side and buddy up to “Gin” of London.We drove into a very restrictd marina, then had to do a 360? turn and sdie up to “Gin”andnaturally we did just that first time and got a round of applause for my trouble.

I couldn’tdo Customs and immigration as 1of the officials had togotoa funeral,so tomorrow.We all did our own thing, I had a napand acoupleof hours laterwentfor a shower. Ialso took a bagof laundry but the laundrette wasfull sowill have togo back tomorrow morning.

Happy hour was at Pete’s bar and following this we all went to a restaurant where there was no menu, it was a set meal. everybody had a plate of uncooked meats and fish, somesalad,red wine andavery hot stone straight from the oven and we all had to cook our own meats etc on it..Novel but enjoyable,everybody had a great night.

Tomowrow we will work out the mileages etc for the trip, but today was about relaxing and having a few drinks,gladto be back on terra firma after quite a harrowing trip.

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