ARC Europe – Sunday 9th May 2010

25⁰ 37.02 N 64⁰ 49.42 W

Distance covered in 24 hrs 142 Nautical Miles

Heading: Where ever we can find the wind

Sunday came up like all the others, sunny and hot but no wind, The sea was like a mill pond and we had had to have the enmgine on during the night. What a dissapointment after the excitement of breaking the 24 hour distance record, oh well we will see what has happened to the rest of the fleet when the net controllers get going later.

In the mean time, being Sunday we had a leisurly breakfast and put the world to rights as we contemplated “Where had all the wind gone” , After breakfast I had to go and sort out the head in our en suite as it was not pumping water through. After dissmantling the pump assembly I found the bottom valve to be broken, good said I, easy as I have a spare on the boat. I put it all back together again but still it didn’t work, oh s..t the thought of having to change th discharge pipe was too much to bear so in came Andrew and had a go at un-blockingh it but to no avail. It has come to that time in its life when it is so gunged up, nothing will pass through it and all the white vinigar in the world will not cure it;what chance have I got and besides; I cannot be too surprised as we only replaced the one in the forward head backJanuary.It was sure to go soon after all she is 20nyears old! . So, in Bermuda there’s the first job to complete, though how I have yet to decide.

Anyway, being Sunday we all enjoyed a glass of sherry before a snack lunch and after we were going to watch a film or somethin but the Heads pipe took us well into the afernoon before we finally gave up and accepted we need a new pipe.

We then listened to all the tales of woe around the fleet when the net controller came on. Everybody has been caught out by the lackof wind and most yachts have had to switch their engines on, just like us!

After all this it was dinner time so we dressed (naturally) for dinner of cold chicken and ham salad with new potatoes followed by an ex services ration pouch of Lemon Sponge with lemon sauce, these Army boys know how to live!

Long discussions took place before, during and after dinner about what coiurse we should take. Normally an easy decision but in this case we have been given conflickting forecasts. so we will have to wait and see..

Ran he generator later in the evening,it did a good job I am pleased to say, so batteries charged and had the engine going to ;propel usdue to l;ack of wind, yes, still

Bye for now from all in Anam Cara

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