ARC Europe – Sunday 23rd May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

34? 42 .20 N 54? 33.76 W

Nautical Miles traveled in last 24 hrs:- 144

Aftera B awful night ofchanging wind patterns, rain, squalls, and high seas I came on watch at 0600 hrs expecting more of the same but no, rain stopped, seas calmed down and wind vanished, oh dear what’shappened!!! Ah yes, itis Sunday today, roast Chicken,Roast Potatoes and fresh veg, preceeded by Sherry on the upper terrace (cockpit!) andf ollowed by BBC, only this time Bondr Brandy & Coffee, so, this calmw was sent to help us do the cooking and enjoy ourselves; after all we were not going anywhere even with the engine as we were going against a1/2 to 1 1/2 knot curremntand what little windtherewas,wasright on the nose!

To accompany us we had the i Pod blaring out 6o’s music and the party was in ful swing. Poor Grainne, she must think she has joined a Lunatic institution what with Chris bopping and Andrew Gyratingn, and me, oh I was too busy holding on from falling over with laughing so much!!

Anyway, a very enjoyable day was had by all and the Bond film was “Diamonds are for Ever”. Following the clear up,we settled downback into watches, sails set for the night ready, just in case there is any wind and engine set. No one is expecting to go very far in terms of “distance over the ground” what with this current to contend with and what wind there is, is on the nose. “distance through the water” which the log produces is missleading under these circumstances.

So clear sky, no rain and night is upon us.

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