ARC Europe – Friday 18th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

Lagos Marina

Arrived at last and all of us in tack. We docked at 0710 UTC 0810 local time.

The last 30 miles were very quiet and without incident, the sun was in the sky but it was still very cold as the winds were still northerly, but backed as we came around the Cape St Vincent.

We quickly did the paperwork and accocateda berth. Of the reception berth,under the lifting bridge and into the actual marina where the winf hollowed down through, Oh dear,I need to go in stern to, no problem other than I had to turn round and by this time we had the world and their wife waiting for my lines! AQnyway I am pleased to report everything went to plan and we slid gently onto the dock.

OK. All secured, a good old fashioned breakfast was called for, so off the the “Pickle & Pie” (The local Irish Pub),excellent! I had to rush back to the boat as we had the electriciasn visiting to try and get our electrics working again. The ring main was a different story, the whole system was washed out by the ingress of sea water and has to be dried out first,

Hapoy hour was at 1800 hrs at the same time England Played football in th World Cup, wartching this game did nothing to enhance my appreciation of the game, boring 0 – 0- 4 of us then wentup into the old town for some dinner an interesting place to be. So off to bed, cold and tired

Bye for now

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