Another day at sea 28/2/2014

It is a shame, that we had to change the itinerary due to rough seas, because it means we have had three straight days at sea, plus the two days in the Antarctic, but tomorrow we will be in Montevideo.
We did not rush this morning, as they have a brunch today 10-1pm so we decided not to have breakfast just take coffee in our favourite coffee shop, then head onto brunch later.
Geoff went off to a talk on ships navigation, which he thoroughly enjoyed, I went to the shops and bought a t.shirt.

By midday we were hungry so we went in, well I have not seen such a spread, since xmas day at the Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi, it was amazing, ice statues everywhere, with everything you could possible want, two chocolate fountains, one dark chocolate the other white,
Steak, lamb, ham, pork and chicken, salmon, trout,prawns it was just amazing, we found it difficult to choose what we wanted.
After lunch they had an auction of pictures, but as they were prints we decided we wouldn’t bother, well that’s what Geoff told the lady! actually we had no intentions of buying anyway, so we left.
Next was a talk on an icebreaker trip, which we decided to go to, it was ok, but the trouble was the man presenting it, had no personality, but still glad we went.
Pool time,yes it has warmed up sufficiently to go outside, so we had a swim and spent a lot of time in jacuzzi, (Geoff wants one again!)
We listened to the band, then the Zumba classes, then my favourite guitarist, but now it is time for getting dressed for the evening, and going to the show. Tonight it is the Man from Mars, he was brilliant, they did tricks, high wire, hoola hoops, it was a husband and wife team, she was obviously double jointed, as she did some fantastic movements! Another fantastic show.
Now to dinner, I had a t/bone, Geoff had a sirloin steak, the beef out here, is probably better than Aberdeen Angus, they are always so tasty! tender! and cooked to perfection.
After dinner, we strolled around the deck, it was not cold at all, then we came in and had brandy with tea! And listened to Nestor Santurio playing his guitar! he played zorba the Greek! with one of the waiters dancing to it! very good. Think it’s bedtime now….

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