Aigues Mortes

Today is Monday, so it is chores day, I did some hand washing, have not done that since we were on the boat, so it bought back some fun memories. This campsite, is very compact, on a good day they can have 60 vans in, we are next door to a French couple, and Geoff tries out his French on them, but not sure if they really understand, as there are a few nods, in response. They have a King Charles spaniel, which actually makes Bella look good, they are always calling it, and trying to find out where it has gone.

Geoff did his chores, water, toilet etc., I did the general cleaning, then we walked the dogs, before leaving them with the air conditioning on, whilst we went out on the bikes.

Aigues Mortes

Today we headed for Aigues-Mortes, it is a walled city, similar to Carcassonne, it was lovely, lots of ice-cream parlours, a big square with restaurants, the whole place was buzzing, vibrant colours, the only problem was, my camera battery has died, so we have decided to go back another day.

We stopped at the restaurants, and decided on one, 13

Aigues Mortes Square

Euros for three courses, but we had to buy the wine, it was superb. I sometimes have to pinch myself, that we are able to travel around like this, and see such fantastic places. Whilst we were eating our meal, a fine mist of water would spurt out above us, just to cool us down, have never seen anything like it, but it was very effective.

Having had our lunch, we wondered around the City, stopped and bought an ice-cream, I had lemon meringue, Geoff had rum and raison, I guess this is the reason for putting on weight!! There was

Biscuit and sweet shop

a nougat shop, and biscuit and sweet shop.

Nougat shop

Back on the bikes, we tried to go back a different route, but somehow ended up on the same route, still we now know where there is a good supermarket, so we will be going shopping tomorrow. Back at the campsites, the dogs were fine, think they like the air-conditioning.

Rest of the day, was spent, just being lazy, the trouble with drinking at lunch time, it knocks me out, still it was a lovely day.

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4 Responses to Aigues Mortes

  1. Paula says:

    Well well you are keeping yourselves busy! It’s so good to hear how chilled you are! Where are you heading now – Italy must be on the agenda soon, I wonder why…
    Life is good here, schools out and all the studying and reflecting is well and truly over – you have a fully qualified primary school teacher for a daughter in law (that’s if you are calling yourself family yet lol) I have the summer off and going to the opening ceremony on friday whippee!
    I have got a good map of the lakes now, Verona looks pretty easy and we are thinking of catching the train to Venice if you’re interested? To travel to Venice by car is an utter nightmare apparently.
    By the way, are you planning on spending the winter in Spain? Thinking of coming over at some point if you are around.
    Love to you both, Paula XX

  2. Christine says:

    Not sure what we are doing yet, who knows where we will be, but we will have the house back end of October, so we will see. xxx

  3. Jane Steele says:

    Congratulations Paula!

  4. Marian says:

    Congratulations from us too!

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