A wonderful trip thank you Andrew

After the late night, the not so early morning!!!!   Today is our departure, and though we were in the Valencia Marina about 3kms from where our hotel is in the centre of town, our trip there necessitated a diversion via Martin and Marian’s villa, where we left and forgot to remove the milk from the fridge.   Now I expect the more astute of our readers will say, “why not sort it on the homeward journey?”; sensible question but we have an appointment on Monday morning in Benidorm, this appointment has been changed many times that we didn’t want to alter it yet again.  Alternatively we could leave the hotel early, no way!!!

S/v Elton

After saying our goodbyes we sadly left Ollie and Anneka to carry on where they had left off at the start of the week, preparing the boat for their first charter.   Though only 4-nights aboard, it was a magical experience being on such a beautiful and so large a sailing boat, can’t wait to return, please Andrew.   Ollie and Anneka are excellent hosts and I have no doubt that when they are hosting charters, the clients won’t want to leave, just like us.  Thank you both again for making our short trip so enjoyable. 

S/v Telstar

Leaving the marina we had a little trouble getting waze to work on my ‘phone but we have a reliable back-up with Christine’s phone so we headed back to Alcalali, about an hour away.

Arriving around 1300hrs we collected the milk, checked around then left about 1330; ah, lunch time so we headed back to Xalo and Del Hierro, the restaurant we had visited on the Monday, it was that good!!!

Another lovely meal

Back in the car and we headed back to Valencia, arriving right outside our hotel at the appointed hour for getting into our room.   After settling in and sorting ourselves, we headed out but there was rather a chilly wind so didn’t go too far but on the way back we stopped at a bar and enjoyed another bottle of wine accompanied by some Tapas.   It was amusing, as last nights lateness was catching us up and we couldn’t stop yawning so headed back and tried to play crib but we couldn’t concentrate on that either, so gave up and had an early-ish night.

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