13th – 17th September 2016

Up quite early, and we both walked to the station, not sure if the trains were going to be cancelled, so Geoff wanted to be sure he got to the airport on time. I slowly meandered back to the boat via the shops.

Newbury developed in the Middle Ages as a cloth town of considerable wealth, its stature indicated by the size of the church. Although the cloth trade had long vanished, the town has managed to retain much if it’s period charm. It is a busy shopping centre, and the shop fronts in the Main Street have buried many 17th and 18th century houses. Elsewhere in the town the 18th century is well in evidence, especially in the West Mills area.

14/9 walked into Town, and bought some odds and ends, then decided to walk a different direction, and found this lovely boat, wow it was stunning and up for sale, so got the details, you never know.

15/9. Did some washing and cleaning before I decided to walk to Thatcham, 45 minutes each way, I set up my phone to take me there, and off I set. When I was almost there, I realised I did not have my purse on me, so no drinks when I get there. Well the gps landed me in the middle of an estate, with no further instructions, no money, no village centre, decided just to go back to the boat, what an idiot I am.
On way back I saw the owners of the boat, it was a wide beam boat, and the inside was something else, two spacious bedrooms, a large lounge and kitchen, it certainly had the wow factor.
Over lunch I decided as lovely as it was, not suitable for what we want, anyway we have to sell the house, which is not happening anyway.
In the evening there was a horrendous thunder and lightning storm, with have rain, I have to admit to being scared, so many trees around.

16/9. The storm carried on all night, and by morning several parts of Newbury were flooded. I slowly woke up, went into town and had my nails done, then onto Tesco, gosh I know how yo live.

17/9. Geoff came back at about 4pm and we decided just to stay put for another night.

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