Surfers Paradise


Sunday morning and I have decided to change the sheets, not sure when we will have these facilities again, they have lots of washing machines, and Geoff has rigged me up a good washing line, it will be strange going home, and not having to worry about such things.

We had an early lunch, then went to see Mark and Tyla windsurf,

Tyla is off

Tyla is so good at it now, straight in, on the board and away, Mark took a bit longer, but he was away as well, we went in for a swim with Ashleigh, so many windsurfers around, you have to watch that they don’t run you over.  The whole place was choc a block, with surfers, and sailors, a lovely array of colours.

Mark preparing to launch himself

Mark heading for a collision

Back on our bikes, and back home, where Geoff started loading them up, we are off to the South of the Lake tomorrow, to see what it is like down there, haven’t booked anything just going..  I helped put some of the stuff away, finished the ironing and we generally cleared up.

Later we walked down to meet Mark, Paula, Gary and Alison, and the children, there were ten of us altogether, to try another meal out, and very nice it was too.  We will miss them, as we have had such a laugh this week, but hopefully we will catch up on Thursday in Venice.

I was awake early took the doggies out, had breakfast, then away, we only have forty miles to go, so no real rush, we headed for Garda, so that we can go on a ferry to see some of the other places. We found an Italian Aries, which is good, 12 Euros a night, lots of room, ideal for what we want, very clean and tidy.

We walked down to the Lake, and Bella was first in as usual, we all went in for a swim, it was lovely, so much warmer then the North, had a lovely time.  We checked the ferry times, so we know what we are doing tomorrow, then had an ice-cream, they are so lovely, has to be done.

At this point I would like to thank Jill, for giving us the portable doggie bowls, they have been so useful on our trips, and they are certainly being well used.

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  1. Jane Steele says:

    Sounds as if you have really enjoyed your time with Geoff’s family x

  2. Christine says:

    It has been brilliant, we met up in Venice today, not sure when we will see them next xx

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