Full day at Sea

Today is the last full day of this leg of the cruise; when we get into Fort Lauderdale around 900 guests will be leaving, including our friends, Paul and Debbie Southwell. We understand another circa 600 guests will join for this final leg to Southampton, so the ship will feel a little empty.

A very light breakfast was called for today as the six of us will be having an early farewell luncheon in the “Verandah”, a specialist restaurant on board. For the first time this morning we sat on deck for breakfast, this was so that we didn’t see all the food and be tempted!!!

After breakfast we went to the purser’s office to see what happens tomorrow, though we are staying on the Q V for the next leg of the cruise like so many others, we are actually doing back-to-back cruises. It turns out every single guest, whether leaving the ship or travelling onward, has to disembark the ship and go through US immigration and customs; we can “then” go back on board.

We all met up in the Golden Lion pub for a pre-dinner drink before heading to our table. We had been given to understand that the food was the same as the Britannia Restaurant but with better service; wrong, they had their own menu and yes, the service was superior.

We had a very enjoyable lunch with much banter and laughter, and this caused me to spill my port on my shirt, my trousers and the tablecloth; can’t take me anywhere!!! Naturally I didn’t hear the end of this. We were the first to arrive in the restaurant and guess what, we were one of the last to leave. To enjoy a meal in this restaurant we had to pay $20 each for the privilege; the speciality restaurants were free on Oceania.

We had a short walk after lunch before going back to the cabin, firstly so that Christine could put my shirt and trousers straight into the washing machine and secondly to play on the Internet. Paul & Debbie who are leaving, and being high up the loyalty pecking order, get a “very” large allowance of free Internet minutes and not having used them, they will lose them. They very kindly gave us their codes and we can use up their balance, well until tomorrow morning I expect!

Thank you Paul so generous

Thank you Paul so generous

Though we had enjoyed a farewell lunch earlier, we all went down to dinner. Paul had to do his “bungs” and “farewells” to the wine waiter and our waitress, who is also leaving this dining room tomorrow, but not the ship, moving upstairs to one of the “posh” restaurants in First Class. Yes Cunard still have a section of the ship reserved for First Class
So much fun, such a good group

So much fun, such a good group


Dave showing off his new hat and tie

Dave showing off his new hat and tie

Tonight’s show was the second appearance of the Barricade Boys and though I wasn’t that keen on them at their first performance, tonight was a different kettle-of-fish, they were very entertaining and their songs varied from ballads to rock ‘n roll, we both thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

After leaving the theatre 4 of us strolled around the promenade deck, Paul & Debbie had to go and pack; we wish them Bon Voyage, and a safe trip back to Darwin, Australia.

Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.

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