Back to Malaga

Up early, after a good nights sleep, left home once again, this time at 7.30am, Geoff drove first, and we stopped at a lovely Spanish village, and had breakfast, baguette with Jamon, very tasty. Soon after we got going, I drove the next stage, stopped for coffee again, then I drove onto Malaga, we arrived back about 1pm.
Back to the hotel, the cleaner wanted to come in and clean, but

Old town Malaga

Old town Malaga

we said no need, as we hadn’t used it last night, what a waste of money that was, still we needed to get another machine.
We then went into Malaga, and wondered around the Old City, it was lovely, so many different restaurants to choose from we ended up in one on the square, very nice, we had a lovely meal, and a few glasses of wine,watching the world go by.
Me in Ferris Wheel

Me in Ferris Wheel

We wandered down to the Port, where they had a Ferris wheel, so
View from Ferris Wheel

View from Ferris Wheel

we had a go on that, the views from the top were very spectacular.
We walked along the prom, and stopped for a drink, watching the ships go in and out, we then meandered back to Town, the city
Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral

had come alive now, more people on the streets, very vibrant.
We ended up back at the restaurant we had had lunch, so we stopped and had a portion of anchovies they were delicious and
View from Ferris Wheel

View from Ferris Wheel

a really nice bottle of white wine.
We then strolled back to the hotel, what a lovely day. img_6103

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Court Malaga

Up early, a quick breakfast, then we drove to the courts, parked the car, then went through the security, before having a coffee whilst waiting for Rocco and the translator to arrive.
Finally they came and after thirteen years the time has come to try and get some money out of the banks! Joke one!
The case was supposed to be heard at 11am, eventually we went in at 1pm, we couldn’t understand much, but what we did was the
Defence kept saying because Geoff’s passport was not the same as it was when he first entered the contract for the property how do they know it is the same person! As British we renew our passports every ten years, the Spanish keep the same ID all their lives. Anyway we will have to wait three weeks before we know if we won the case, then they are likely to appeal, which will take another two years, it’s a joke!
We left the court feeling a bit deflated but really didn’t expect much progress. We then travelled back home, to get a new machine for Geoff.
Arrived back about 6pm, went into village for dinner, trying Lucia’s, not very impressed, then went for a drink at the pizzeria, where we met up with Mike and Jan.
Then home for an early night we were both shattered.

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Locked the house up and went for breakfast in the Rusty Nail, what a change, a lovely smiley face, instead of the miserable one. Lovely breakfast before we headed for Malaga, a nice trip down stopping on route at a typical Spanish hostlery, one coffee, one tea, two cakes and a brandy for Geoff 5€ brilliant.
We arrived in Malaga about 2pm, booked into the hotel, and decided to walk to see where the courts were. Well when I booked the hotel, I felt sure they were just around the corner, sadly they were way out of town about a forty minute walk, we decided that we could take the car tomorrow, as there are plenty of parking spots. 1.20€ a day.
We walked back to the hotel, where we decided to put our feet up for an hour or so.
Geoff unpacked his breathing machine, to find out it did not work, oh no! A bad night ahead, no sleeping properly, and heavy snoring! Geoff can’t last five nights, he will be back falling asleep at breakfast again, so we will have to go home after the court case.
Later we walked into the old part of town and had a relax and a nice meal.
Back in the hotel shattered.

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Up early to call the alarm people, they called yesterday and couldn’t fix it, we need a new box, typical when we are going away.
After some frustration and two calls they said they would be with us at 10am, and in fairness they were, after 90 minutes fitting, moving testing still no good, they could not get a signal, so now we have to connect to telephone, which I am sure will be better anyway. Steve has come to the rescue, as they cannot do it until Monday, he will let them in etc. We eventually left the house at 11.30, we are so behind schedule, a breakfast at Sylvio’s set us up for the day, a quick visit to Barry to see how he was doing, after his first week of chemotherapy, actually he looked quite good, and was breathing better than he had been.

We finally left at 1pm, and travelled to Toledo, four hours plus a little detour, as I took the wrong turning, we found our hotel, which is lovely. Toledo is on a hill, and we are probably half way up, reception is on the third floor and you go down to the rooms, which are light and airy.

After unpacking, we went for a walk around town, up a few steps, then into escalators that took us to the top, amazing, we need these for our house. We wondered around, and came to an Irish bar where we decided to watch the match, having made that decision we walked around the narrow streets, and found a tapas bar, where we had a bottle of wine, ordered three different dishes and watched the world go by. We then went back to the Irish bar and watched the game, atmosphere was terrific, and Geoff enjoyed his Guiness.

Lovely evening, Geoff was happy as Wales had won, we walked home, and climbed into bed. Shattered.




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Saturday 5th November 2016

Had a lay in today, didn’t wake up very early either, but the weather has turned really cold, so we dressed accordingly, a big bowl of porridge, before we walked into the town.

The day although cold, was a typical crisp Autumn day, we had our thermals on, so not too bad, but we noticed the postman and one other, walking around in shorts, must be mad!

First impressions what a lovely village, everyone very friendly, no big

Village church

Village church

shops, just the local butcher, baker, chemist etc., small co-op, where we managed to get some cash out, no ATM here! We bought some throat lozenges for me, then walked to the local Marina,
Swan hotel

Swan hotel

where we are hoping to stop.

We walked around, and spoke to Bill, who was very helpful, said we could stop, they can do the service, polish the boat, pump out, and fill with diesel, what else can we wish for. We have decided to stop as it is really cold now, and we feel with the shorter days, we would become disenchanted, also I am feeling as if I have a chill.

We walked back through the village to have coffee, this place was heaving too, they had home made cakes, full breakfast etc., we just had a slice of cake, which was very nice. Having found the bakery we wanted some fresh rolls, but they had sold out, so we bought a brown crusty loaf, asked them about Lardy cake, and they are going to make one for Geoff on Tuesday!

Back to the boat, we then moved it to the Wharf where we filled up with water, and settled in again. I heated some chicken and sweet corn soup, and had the fresh bread for lunch.

After lunch we tidied everything up, we struggled to get water to the boat, as we are some way off, but we sorted it, by pinching someone else’s connectors, that done we put extra protection on boat to stop the boat hitting the side, then had a lazy afternoon and evening.

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Tipton Green to Brewood

Friday 4th November 2016

Up quite early, too cold to hang around, we dressed in our wet gear, as the weather forecast was rain, even though it looks as though it was going to be sunny. A quick breakfast, then we were away.

Today we have the Wolverhampton locks, in this flight there are 21, the good news is they are small locks, the bad news is we are going down, so apart from shutting the first lock gate, Geoff is trapped in the boat, as he could not get back on board otherwise, but we managed them well, it took us three and a half hours, which is not bad, considering

My very last lock for a while anyway

My very last lock for a while anyway

they all had to be unlocked and then locked again, and most of them were empty to start with.

I should have made sandwiches before we started, because we were both getting hungry, but a couple of chocolate biscuits saved the day, I then made cheese sandwiches when we finished.

We stopped for diesel, and a little water, then travelled onto Brewood, where we stopped for the night.

After hot showers, we got dressed up and went to the pub The Bridge

Bridge inn

Bridge inn

Inn, it was heaving, and we couldn’t get a drink, let alone a seat, but gradually it emptied out, and we found a table ordered our dinner, sat down and had a couple of drinks, lovely evening.

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